December 9, 2009

VGA's? More like VGC's!

What the snarf has happened to the Spike Video Game Awards? Not that anybody really ever took them seriously anyway, but still! Honestly, I'm not sure exactly why this awards show was created. I'm thinking it's a publicity stunt because a lot of the nominations are a joke. But this year, it's all gotten out of hand. Spike is acting more like this is a conference than an award show, probably in an attempt to gain more viewers. Instead of focusing on bad awards presented by big name celebrities acting like idiots, they've secured themselves some big name game announcements instead. It's starting look like E3, and it's starting to piss me off.

Here's a list of all the exclusive crap that's going down at this years "show":
  • Halo Reach footage (gameplay, apparently)
  • An brand new action game from Activision
  • A brand new Star Wars game
  • A new Tron game
  • A new Spec Ops game
And I wouldn't be surprised if there were some surprises thrown in there, too. If you watched last year (and who did?) you might remember seeing the first footage of God of War 3. Well, let me ask you this: how many other awards shows premier new stuff? Oh, that's right, none! But, I suppose Spike might be thinking, what the hell else are they going to do to fill the time? I dunno, maybe whatever they normally do in Hollywood award shows? Anyway, I'm just steamed that one of the worst and most pointless television networks ever who puts on one of the worst and most pointless award shows ever is stealing thunder away from events that really matter. Movies, TV, and music have their award shows, but major events in gaming will, hopefully, always be far more awesome conventions. Keep the awards on paper, guys. That's the way I like it. Though you have to wonder, if every publication and website has their own conflicting awards, do they still hold any merit? Thus is the nature of the industry I suppose.

Spike's VGA's air this Saturday at 8 pm, though I suggest you don't watch them and pretend that all that awesome stuff premiered on the internet. Seriously, don't support this publicity crap.

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