December 1, 2009

Oh God... Why did I do it!?

Well, I just finished categorizing every post ever. Literally. It took me hours. You can now click the categories in the side bar and find every post from Gameweb, Gameweb: Viewpooint, Total Randomity, Shups and Croids, and Installation 04. What did I learn from this experience? Well, for one, never to do it again. Also, we really did used to post news almost exclusively. It was interesting to see how our content and writing evolved over the years. Oh, and there's a bunch of new categories as well. I didn't go re-categorizing all the already categorized posts, in case you were wondering. I'm sure many of them would also fit in some of the new categories, but I simply don't care any more. Remember what I said about never again?

Anyway, now you can easily read our wonderful old words!

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