December 1, 2009

MicroMovieReview: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Well, it's Tuesday December 1st and you know what that means: time for new content. I have no idea what those two statements have to do with one another but yeah, content time!

This movie is based on a Roal Dahl book. Had I known that, I would have been more excited to see it. Roal Dahl is awesome! Anyway, the movie is pretty good. It's a wacky story about a fox and a couple of crazy farmers. Wow that was vague. The basic plot revolves around Mr. Fox, who used to burgle chickens before he started a family and his wife got on his ass about it. Typical woman. Whether fox or human they never change. So Mr. Fox settles down and becomes a newspaper columnist who nobody reads. He decides before he dies that he wants to move above ground and so buys a lovely tree on a hill neighboring Boggis, Bunce, and Bean, the nastiest farmers in those there parts. Mr. Fox is then tempted to, well, steal their shit. But after doing so, he incurs their wrath and craziness ensues. It's actually a cleaver, funny, well acted, and well animated film. It's all stop motion with some kind of crazy puppet whozawhatzits. Bottom line is it looks good. And it looks unique. It's a pretty good entertaining movie all around that I don't think a lot of people will go see. You should. Oh, and there's a character named Christopherson. How awesome is that?

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