December 23, 2009

Battlefield Heroes


Last summer, EA released Battlefield Heroes as a free to play online FPS. After playing this game for the last two days, I can sincerely say it is one of the best free online games period. Don't let the cartoon style graphics turn you off, the game was specifically made in this fashion so that even low end computers could run it well. In terms of violence this game features no blood or gore. Parents if your comfortable with letting your children play shooting games, then this would be the perfect online game for them.

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There are three classes to choose from in the game: Soldier, Gunner, and Commando.

Soldiers are the "jack of all trades" class. They act mainly as support and can either buff or heal their teammates. For close range they use a shotgun, and blast their opponents from afar with a sub machine gun. They don't do as much damage as the Commando, nor do they have the hardiness of the gunner. However, they make up for this by being the most versatile of the three classes

Gunners are the "meat shields" of the game. They excel at absorbing damage and close range combat. Gunners have three weapon: machine gun, shotgun, and a rocket launcher.
The best way to describe this class is as "a slow but powerful behemoth".

Commandos are the high damage dealing class. They have a stealth ability which allows them to sneak by enemies undetected. Commandos main weapons are a knife an a sniper rifle. It doesn't sound like much at first, but both these weapons deal high amounts of damage that can drop most players in just a few hits. While they excel in damage, commandos are very fragile and can be easily killed out of stealth.

Battlefield Heroes overall is a very solid game. I encourage that you look at it if you're bored with your current online FPS. It's free anyway, so what have you got to lose?

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