November 12, 2009

May God Damn iPods @ the Apple Store

Alright, let me begin by saying that anyone who gets an iPod is making a mistake. Within the past 2 years I have gone through four iPods, and for shitty reasons. My first iPod was a mini, witch was pretty cool. About four months after purchase I am on a flight, having purchased the ultimate protection case and all that crap. Then my iPod literally slips off my lap and lightly bumps the floor. I immediately pick it up and look at the screen to find there is a picture of a file with a "!" mark on it. When I take it into the apple store, they tell me that the hard drive is fried and there is nothing they can do and will not replace it. So, the ignorant slob that I am, I buy a new U2 iPod, which is very cool. This works for about five months and then for no reason, stops working. The screen just won't turn on so i say, "Fuck this iPod shit I am going to just use CD's. However, upon hearing that my iPod is broken, my friends pitch in together to buy me the new 120 gig iPod classic. I am truly touched. So then about two months later I am sitting on yet another flight using my brand new iPod with its brand new headphones. I go to take out the headphones and the plug breaks off inside the iPod. I take it into the store with an appointment and proceed to wait. Two hours after my appointment time they call me up and try to pull the piece out with pliers, bending and cracking the input for the headphones. They then tell me that there is nothing they can do. I LITERALLY EXPLODE!!!! I tell them the story I am now typing, so they decide to replace it for free. A very nice gesture. I go home and plug it into my computer and it works fine. I then transfer all of my music to a new laptop and authorize the computer, but when I update the iPod it decides to stop playing all my music, both purchased from iTunes and ripped from CD's. So now I am siting in the Apple store with yet another appointment waiting to talk to one of their overly cheerful bozo technicians who will tell me there is no fucking thing they can do.

P.S.- Even though this was written in a time of extreme rage, it doesn't make my opinion of the Apple corp. any less true.

*To that I say, opinions are not true or false- that's what makes them opinions. It's an opinion because you hold it to be true.* -Fuzunga



  1. Thanks for giving me all that editing practice- it's a skill I will need as an English major.

    Also, I've never had a problem with an apple product. May I suggest you consider getting a Zune?

  2. Wow I've never had any problem with my iPod Touch and it's nearly 3 years old now.