October 21, 2009


Installation 04 will be at Infinite Bits this weekend in Miami, Florida! Come find us! How will you know it's us? You will. You just will.
Besides that, we'll (by that I mean probably only me) be posting coverage of the show throughout the weekend and into next week. Don't expect anything earth shattering because this is a brand new little nothing convention where people can play games, dress up, and buy game related crap in large groups. Perhaps some impressions of some games. I highly doubt anything unreleased will be there. Also, there's no big name companies or big name guests! Except Egoraptor who kind of counts, right? Right!? Yeah, I thought so. But, uh, it should be fun and stuff. Or something.

Ah, but I almost forgot! Our rival will be there! And we'll be there under cover. That's a clue. Now you'll know where to find us for sure.

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