August 4, 2009

11 Halo songs you've never heard: 10 rejected ideas and one lost track

  • "To Arms" is a short, yet intense piano sketch cut from the final game.
  • "Fast Sketch" is an extremely short piano piece.
  • "Tron" is a track that was cut from the game, but I can see how it would fit in.
  • "Familiar Themes" is a string sketch of the Halo theme. Pretty good, actually.
  • "Knockin' Beats" also known as "What" is an odd piece. It's monks... with a beat.
  • "Shreddin'"... Yeah, I can see why they cut this.
  • "Pomp, Circumstance" Marty O'Donnell was quoted as saying he never thought this song had even a chance of making it in the game. I totally disagree.
  • "Seriously" is not as bad as Marty thinks, but still not so great. It's getting there, though.
  • "Club" Marty describes it as "club sounds." Not far off, but it sounds more Tron-y to me than "Tron."
  • "Love Theme" is actually pretty good, but Marty ran out of steam at the end.
  • "Lost Song" Finally, is the self proclaimed "Lost Song." This song actually appeared in the first Halo game during the level Assault on the Control Room between a corridor with four stealth Elites and a room with a pair of Hunters. For unknown reasons it was not included in the official soundtrack, but was uploaded on Bungie's website for download after a fan complained it was missing.
So, there you have it. The last song is a definite download if you have the soundtrack, simply to complete your collection. The others will be cool to have for die-hard Halo fans.

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