July 24, 2009

Remember the Halo Graphic Novel? Yeah, it's like that but animated.

Microsoft revealed, on the very first day of Comic Con, the first project from the newly formed 343 Industries. It's called Halo Legends and it's an anime series in the style of Batman: Gotham Knight and The Animatrix. Microsoft has recruted the biggest names in Japanese animation to compile seven animated shorts set in the Halo universe. Like the afrormentioned series, these short films will range in style with the studios getting full creative freedom. The stories however, are being closely monitored by 343 lead by Creative Director Frank O'Connor, a former Bunige employee who joined MS to work further with the Halo property. Rest assured, Halo Legends is in good hands and will be cannon.

Personally, I loved the Halo Graphic Novel and think this anime compilation is a great idea. I was wondering when Microsoft was going to get Halo involved with the animated scene since they seem to love the comic book and novel medium. Perhaps this will pave the way for that oft-mentioned, yet elsuive, film or perhaps even a full fledged animated series. Who knows. It's all very possible and I'm sure it'll all happen at some point anyway.

You can find the very first teaser footage in the trailer below. Certain episodes will be available for preview this fall on XBL in the newly announced Halo Waypoint section of the dashboard (your one stop shop for everything Halo) and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray early next year.

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