June 21, 2009

MicroReview: Wario Land: Shake It

Before the actual post, I think I should explain what a microreview is. It's something new I've created for the blog that's basically a mini review. I didn't call it a miniview because that sounds lame, nor did I call it a quickview because I'm pretty sure that's copyrighted. I'll microreview stuff that I think doesn't deserve a full review (for a number of reasons) or is old. Most movie reviews in the future will probably be in this format.

First of all, I realize the box has the wrong name on it. I used the PAL version because it looks better.

I both enjoyed this game and was annoyed by it. On the one hand, it's finally a return to form for Wario- a classic platformer after years of microgame crap. On the other hand, I wish it were better. The visuals are sharp, colorful, and lovely, but the music, while nice, doesn't seem to fit Wario. Likewise, the level design seems repetetive and uninspired. Wario's got his classic moves in addtion to some new tricks, but I feel like the levels make more use of motion control gimicks than classic Wario platforming and puzzle solving. Still, there's some nice homages to the Wario Land games of yesteryear. The game does get very repetetive after a while not just because of the level design, but because of a lack of enemy variety and the fact that your goal is always the same: get lots of money, free the little elf dude at the end of the level, then race back to the begining within the time limit. The game's saving grace is it's excellent and creative boss battles.

Overall, I'd recommend the game just for some Wario nostalgia but I wouln't pay more than $20 for it.


  1. compared to wario world for gamecube, how is it?

  2. I actually preferred Wario World. This is quite a different game, however. It's a classic Wario Land game like the oldschool Gameboy ones, but with less oomph.