June 12, 2009

Full Circle

Way back in 2004, the blog called GameWeb was born. I worked on it, Doegab worked on it, and Battsman worked on it. The site began to evolve and my good friend RaiderBear joined the team. GameWeb closed, and Raider and I went our seperate ways. Installation 04 was then born and now, 5 years later, the team is once again complete. A warm welcome back to an old friend of mine, RaiderBear! Huzzah!

And the team is complete once more.

Raider will be our main Playstation correspondant (because the other three of use don't own one...) with news, reviews, and previews (I assume) for the PS3, though I guess there is nothing stopping him from writing whatever he wishes.

Anyway, welcome to the team, old friend! We have come full circle.

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