June 13, 2009

The best soundtracks of thier time

I will now attempt to pick the best original soundtracks from each generation of games. Why did that sound like a magician?

I'm not going to start at the NES (which could arguably be Mega Man 2) or do the following generation (though it would probably be something like Super Mario World) but I shall work my way from the first 3D generation of the N64 and the PlayStation all the way to this generation so far.

Era 1:
I almost gave this to Metal Gear Solid, but I thought the rest of the series had stronger soundtracks. It's a tough choice between Mario 64 and this game, but I ultimately chose Ocarina of Time because it has many timeless tunes from it that are instantly memorable and recognizable. The thing I think that sets it apart from Mario is that each Zelda game is totally unique, taking place in an alternate Hyrule with an alternate Link and, thus, having an alternate soundtrack. In short, these iconic pieces don't repeat. With the exception of Smash Bros., you probably haven't heard these tracks again. Mario games have been known to remix tracks and use them again, as evident in Galaxy.
There are so many good tracks, but here are a few:
Era 2:
Unfortunately, while MGS2 and 3 had excellent soundtracks, when I think of last generation's soundtracks one game immediately jumps to mind. Surprisingly, it beats out the Zeldas, Halos, and Metal Gears. The greatest soundtrack of last generation comes from none other than Shadow of the Colossus. When I first played the game, the soundtrack instantly caught my attention. It is simply unlike anything before or, quite frankly, after it. Unfortunately, the soundtrack is not available for purchase outside of Japan.
Pretty much every track is fantastic, but here's a small taste:
Era 3:
While it may be hard to choose the best soundtrack of this generation when we're not nearly done with it yet, I can pick the best so far. The honor goes to Super Mario Galaxy. It's simply beautiful, plain and simple. Have a listen and you'll see why it has the best music of this generation yet.
Hooray! Time for another flame war! Agree, or not?


  1. I strongly agree with Ocarina of Time, however for Era 3 you can't beat Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3. That song is perfect.

  2. Also, Dragon Quest VIII has an amazing soundtrack, but I'm the only one in the USA that played it.