March 24, 2009

Let's take a look into the future...

...all the way to the year 2000...

References aside, what you see above is the future of gaming and, damn, it's small. At GDC (that's the Game Developer's Conference for you layman) Rearden Studios unveiled the future of gaming- OnLive. I will save all the hullabaloo for another day (I expect to write a full-fledged feature on the thing when more info becomes available. i.e. tomorrow) but know this: this little device can not only bridge the gap between console and PC gaming, but it may just save PC gaming altogether. Basically, if you have a computer, you need do nothing more than download a small browser plugin (or something like that) and you're off. If not, buy the small, cheap "microconsole" and hook it up to your TV. Viola. The revolutionary part is this: its all digital distribution with absolutely no need for downloading anything. Yessir, everything streams right to you. It's a complex concept, but at its core it means that Rearden has massive servers that run games for you and stream that content to you. Your controller remotely controls the game from your couch while data is sent to the sever where the game is actually being played. Then, that signal is beamed to your screen with so little delay (i millisecond) that you don't even notice. This not only makes possible playing PC games comfortably on your TV with no PC required, it also means that you don't even need a powerful PC because your computer is not running the game. Hell, this thing will even end the Mac/PC gaming feud!
So let's recap:
  • Download app, access games and video content straight from Rearden's servers directly to your PC or buy microconsole for your TV with no need for fancy equipment.
  • Games are played indirectly and beamed to your screen.
  • You can rent, buy, and demo games with no downloading whatsoever.
  • Available this winter.
Sold yet? I certainly am intrigued. Now if only they'd alter their snazzy controller so the buttons don't spell "LIVE."

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