March 28, 2009

Cartoon Network took a shit on my childhood. Then it proceeded to rape it with a sandpaper dildo.

Copy and Pasted from here. Picture is irreverent to the channel itself, but totally relevant to the situation. I can't fix the pic so that it fits, well it says failboat in case anyone is wondering.
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Cartoon Network ditching all-'toon format

* By Tim Surette
* 03/25/09 4:06 PM
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Cable station no longer living up to its name, will get in to live-action reality shows, scripted programs.

First MTV stops showing music videos, now this? Cartoon Network is sticking with the "Network" portion of its name, but ditching the strictly "Cartoon" bit, the company announced today. Nineteen new projects were announced, and less than half will be hand-drawn.

"These exciting new projects represent the next phase in Cartoon Network's ambitious, ongoing strategy to re-invent the network and re-energize our youth business overall," said Stuart Snyder.

These new non-cartoons will start airing in the coming 2009-2010 season and feature reality and scripted programs, most of which sound like pint-sized versions of programs currently airing on other networks.

Highlights: The Othersiders is a mini-Ghost Hunters, with five friends exploring scary places; Destroy Build Destroy is like Human Wrecking Balls, with two teams blowing stuff up; Dude, What Would Happen is a Mythbusters clone; Bobb'e Says takes the ridiculously funny child actor Bobb'e J. Thompson (Human Giant, Role Models) in his own take of America's Funniest Home Videos.

Also announced was a live-action Ben 10: Alien Force movie, a Scooby-Doo! prequel telefilm, and a full CG movie titled Firebreather!

Don't worry all you glassy-eyed college students--it doesn't look like the late-night Adult Swim block will be affected by any of this.


  1. I can't believe this crap. First Toonami, now this? They ought to make an Adult Swim spin off channel and save themselves before it's too late.

  2. First of all this new idea for cn blows. But since you can't stop corrperate giants, what they need to do is to make a toonami version of cartoon network that would hold many of the shows from the 90s, aka my childhood, so that children of this new generation can grow up with decent shows.

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