September 25, 2008

Prepare To Drop...

I missed it last night. The countdown that was so rudely interrupted during E3 reappeared last night over at It ended earlier today (at 7:07). Wow. This is indeed significant. This is new Halo stuff, folks. The first official Halo game since Halo 3. It's not Halo Wars, it's not the mysterious Peter Jackson game, this is something new entirely. It's one of three Bungie projects in the works, and one of several Halo projects.

There is a trailer. I'm not going to embed the Youtube version here, because its crap. If you don't watch it in high quality, you're really missing out. Instead download it here. Speculation is running rampet. There are now more questions than answers. All we know at this point is what the damn Superintendant is (a simple AI programed to operate public utilities). I'll be back tomorrow for some in-depth analysis. Until then, I'll just throw in my two cents: I think it's the rumored ODST game. Whether it's squad-based or not remains to be seen. I think it'll probably be an alternate campaign of Halo2/Halo3 focusing on the Marine's battle on earth. We'll have to just wait and see how things unfold before any more assumptions can be made.

Oh, and Halo 3 turned one today. That's probably why this announcement was even made.

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