July 2, 2008

Best rock songs you've never heard

The List returns with the best rock songs you've never heard! Over the years I've collected many a good song from an obscure band that no one has heard of. I decided to make a list of those along with some other more obscure songs from mainstream bands. And so, here it is (in alphabetical order because that's how they display in iTunes):

Ties That Bind- on Blackbird by Alter Bridge
Though Alter Bridge's first album was nothing special, the band really stepped it up for their second CD. Not only is this the best song on the CD, it's also the band's best song period. Fans of Creed will not be disappointed! For those of you who don't know, Alter Bridge was formed by the remaining members of Creed. They hired a new lead singer and formed Alter Bridge. Finally, this song is now on my list of the best intros in songs. Something about it is just really awesome.

Los Angeles is Burning- on The Empire Strikes First by Bad Religion
You may know Bad Religion from a little game called Crazy Taxi. Other than that, they aren't terribly mainstream. This is one of their newer songs that wasn't in those games. Not only is it catchy as hell, but the music video is awesome! I considered including "Them and Us" on this list, but you may have heard that one from Crazy Taxi. Look it up yourself if you're interested, though because it's a great song.

Hero- by Chad Kroeger
This song was created for the first Spider-Man film. I don't even remember it from the movie and its rarely ever played anywhere. It's a shame, too, because it's a really good song.

Believe- on Believe by Disturbed
It's a title track, so it's not obscure. So why haven't you heard of it? Probably because the band is named Disturbed. It sounds like heavy metal, but it's not. It's about as heavy metal as Korn. It's a shame that so many people would get turned off because Believe is a really, really awesome song.

Madder- on LoveBox by Groove Armada
Yeah, I know. Why would you listen to a song on an album called LoveBox from a band called Groove Armada. How silly is that, right? Well, you know those kind of bands that have one good song and the rest are crap? That's Groove Armada. Listen and judge for yourself. I happen to love this song.

No Leaf Clover- on S&M by Metallica
This song doesn't get played ever. In fact, I've never once heard it on the radio or anywhere for that matter. It's great. The beginning is totally epic and I keep imagining how great this song would be in a game like Rock Band. And, yes, the album really is called S&M.

While I'm on the subject of Metallica, Hero of the Day is another fantastic, obscure song. The music video is bizarre though.

Blue Monday- on ??? by Orgy
And you thought S&M was bad! This band's name is Orgy! Another one hit in a sea of crap. This is a great and very obscure song from a very obscure band. Plus, the music video is very strange and the lead singer is just fucking creepy.

Fly From the Inside- on Leave a Whisper by Shinedown
Hey, these guys are from Jacksonville, Florida! I discovered this song by accident and I'm hooked. It's good stuff all around. And the band isn't creepy to boot.

Downfall- on The Lonely Position of Neutral by Trust Company
Trust Company is a band that no one's heard of, yet they've been given the nickname of "Linkin Park's little brother." While I think most of their stuff is nothing special, this one song rocks.

Anything by Tool- on All of Tool's Albums by Tool
Strangely enough, many people not only don't listen to Tool, but haven't even heard of them. Perhaps because their merchandise is sold at Hot Topic and people think they're really heavy. Well, they're not at all. In fact, there is zero screaming at all. I hate screaming in music, so trust me when I say there's none. Tool does a variety of stuff, from guitar riffs and drum beats that remind me of Metallica to really mellow, atmospheric stuff that sends you on a journey to everything in between. I suggest if you're going to listen to some tool, start here:
  • 10,000 Days- The most epic song ever created. Ever.
  • The Grudge- A good introduction into Tool's heavier stuff.
  • Disposition- A really light, and atmospheric song.
  • Vicarious- Just a great hard rock song.
  • Right in Two- A song that goes from mellow to hard.
Finally, a special treat: the best Linkin Park song ever. This song was cut from Minutes to Midnight, but I can't imagine why. It's better than most of the stuff on that album! This is one of two songs Mike Shinoda has ever sung for the band. Usuallly, he's the rapper.

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