May 12, 2008

Top Cartoons of the 90's

Well it's been a while, but I'm finally back. Computer problems + school + laziness+ writers block really prevented me from writing anything for a while.

Anyway this post as you can clearly see from the title is dedicated to the best cartoons of the 90's. I personally think the 90's was the golden era of cartoons. There where so many cartoons at the time that it's hard to chose a top ten for this list. But I've done it, although remember this is solely based on opinion so please don't flame me =).


I have such fond memories from this show. If there was a top 90's cartoon top ten theme song list, this one would be at the top. Seriously have you ever heard of the theme song for this show? It's fucking hilarious and catchy.

Launchpad McQuack is the protagonist of the story, he is a your average duck when everything is normal and peaceful. But when trouble arises he quickly transforms into Darkwing Duck and fights off a plethora of colorful and sporadic super villains. Darkwing Duck himself is an obvious parody of batman, while most of the super villains in the show are parodies of marvel or D.C. comic super heroes. In summary basically Darkwing Duck is a huge superhero parody.

What made this show so great was it's original characters and humor. Darkwing Duck was a great show but sadly to my knowledge it is no longer shown on Disney or Toon Disney.

Darkwing Duck intro


Bobby's world was odd show. I'm not saying it wasn't was just odd. The main character of the story was a young boy named Bobby Generic who's over active imagination usually into a lot of trouble. It had a similar formula to Rugrats, where you where essentially seeing the world from the perspective of a small ignorant child. Unlike Rugrats however you where seeing the world from the perspective of only one child. Also unlike Rugrats all the family characters where insane, wacky, and less realistic. And very much unlike any show, Howie Mandel, the writer of the show would sometimes step in and comment on the show.

In Summary Bobby's world was an odd cartoon with a great sense of humor and funny original characters to go along with it. Sadly Bobby's World is no longer aired on TV.

Bobby's World theme song (pretty dam catchy but not nearly as much as Darkwing Duck)

#8 The Angry Beavers

When is comes to original shows, this show really takes the cake. Seriously, what where these guys thinking when they thought of this show. Two Beaver brothers whom have just moved away from home, decided to live with each other in dam and have all sorts of crazy adventures. The beaver brothers are called Norbert and Daggit. Norbert is the more intelligent and popular beaver while Daggit tends to be the more idiotic and less popular beaver.

This show was great for it's laugh out loud moments, original characters, and hilarious parodies. Angry beavers was on Nicktoons TV for a little while, but now it is completely off the air. Sadly another great cartoon bites the dust =(.

Closest thing i could find of the original theme song (It's just the song with a non moving picture in the back round)

One more note: the last episode of the angry beavers was never aired due to a really stupid controversy over the show. So as an act of last rebellion the creators of the show loaded this clip on the internet from the last episode in which Norbert and Daggit are being told they are cartoon and there show will be canceled. The clip is quite funny actually and makes fun of the Nicklaodeon producers.

#7 Tiny Toon Adventures

One of the funniest cartoon series to ever come out of Warner brothers, and directed by Stephen Speilburg, Tiny Toon adventures is an instant classic. The show was sort of spin off/parody of Looney Toon adventures, where young cartoon pupils attend Acme Looniversity in Acme Acres in order to learn the art of cartoonism (WTF is this even a word?). The teachers in the school are all famous Looney Toon characters. All the main characters of the show are also molded after famous Looney Toon Characters.

Tiny Toons was a great cartoon with lots of classic Looney Toon classic humor as well as some adult humor induendos. I really couldn't see them at the time the show aired but if you look back on it there where quite a few innuendos, which in my opinion make the show even better. Like every other previous show, Tiny Toons is off the air.

Tiny Toon Adventures theme song

#6 Pinky and the Brain

One of my personal favorites Pinky and the Brain was without a doubt one of the most popular shows of it's time. The formula for the show was ingenious: two mice, one named Pinky and the other one named Brain, and there plans for global domination. Brain it the smarter of the two, and always wants to take over the world. Pinky is the dumber less serious one, he usually just follows Brain's crazy plans and he usually also messes them up.

The show was great because of two things, it's originality, and its humor. Pinky and the Brain is the prime example of a show in which it's humor caters toward any type of audience of any type of age. Like Tiny Toons, I personally think Pinky and the Brain is an instant classic cartoon.

Pinky and the Brain is still one the air! It airs at an odd time however: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 9:00 am on Toon Disney.

Pinky and the Brain theme song

#5 Pokemon (Old School)

Lol, if you grew up in the 90's and didn't know about Pokemon you where literally living under a rock. Pokemon was such a popular cartoon back then, but to top it off it was also a good cartoon! The main story is about an aspiring Pokemon trainer named Ash. To make a very long story short Ash gets a Pokemon named Pickchu, and with the help of Pikachu and his friends Ash hopes to be the greatest Pokemon master ever! Yea I know it sounds corny but some how it worked and became very popular.

Pokemon is a great show because of it's memorable characters and strong plot. The old Pokemon episodes are not show anymore, and the new ones are horrible. If you really want to see the new ones though *sigh* they are on Cartoon Network Tuesday through Thursday at 7:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Pokemon Theme song (I'll be honest I like the theme song...but sssh don't tell anyone)

#4 Swat Kats

Swat Katz is one of the greatest, yet most forgettable shows ever produced. The story consisted of two Cats named Razor and T-bone. Each of these cats built a jet which they used to fight a variety of enemies that could range from prehistoric dinosaur, to giant robots of doom!
While the plot was a bit linear, the characters where well developed and the atmosphere was amazing well developed for the show.

Swat Kats was an amazing show, although it's very easily forgotten 90's cartoons. My theory of why it is so forgettable is that it only aired twenty three episodes, but man those twenty three episodes where some of the best episodes to ever air in Cartoon Network history.

You can still watch Swat Kats 1:00 am Saturday nights on Boomerang.

Swat Kats theme song (definitely one of the coolest theme song ever, although not as catchy as Darkwing Duck)

#3 X-men

One of Marvel's greatest animated series, X-men was another favorite TV show of mine. The story of the X-men is very long but I'll sum it up as best as I can. The X-men are a group of super mutants whom fight against other evil mutants and occasionally the U.S. government to preserve the world and there kind. The team consist of Cyclops, Jubilee, Jean Grey, Wolverine, The Beast, Gambit, Storm, Rogue, and Professor Xavier.

The show was an instant hit because unlike many Marvel made series it actually followed the damn story line. Also the characters where well developed and deep, it is probably the best Marvel made animated series. The old X-men show is not airing anymore and neither is the newer series that recently came out in early 2000.

X-men Theme song (dam this one might beat Darkwing it's pretty good.....nah Darkwing still wins)

#2 Gargoyles favorite cartoon of all time when growing up. Gargolyes is about a group of six gargoyles whom are the last of their kind. They are ressurected in New York City after 1,000 years of being stone. Through out the story the Gargoyles fight an evil corporation who hopes to capture them and analyze them for experiments, as well as a plethora of other foes.

Goliath (leading Gargoyle in the show), is my favorite cartoon character of all time. Gargoyles was simply amazing: the animation, the plot, and the characters where all perfect. This show actually made me think about humanity! Can you believe that? When was the last time a cartoon made you think?

Gargoyles is still shown at 4:30 am on Toon Disney, yea its an odd time but at least its being aired.

Gargoyle's theme song

Now are you ready for the number one best cartoon of the 90's?


1 Batman: The animated series
Just to point out quickly, Batman was not my favorite Cartoon so this is not completely biased on my opinion. I don't really think Batman needs a plot introduction so I'll just jump into why it was so good. Batman was ground breaking, the characters are some of the most profound, detailed characters ever created. The plot was perfect and followed the original story line. Robin was no longer a rope swinging pansy, and took on a darker edge. In fact the whole series took on a darker edge including the villains which where created and animated masterfully. The whole idea for a dark atmosphere setting inspired other cartoons such as gargoyles. Batman truly was the best of it's time.
Batman airs Monday through Wednesday on Toon Disney on 8:30 am and 10:30 pm.
Batman theme song (Sorry Batman, your duck parody version beats your theme song.)

***It is obvious that it is nearly impossible to watch any of these cartoons at their normal times, and the majority of them don't even appear on TV anymore. Your best option for watching these shows is either Youtube or buying the Season DVD sets for these shows, although many of them are not on VHS or DVD Sadly=(***

Other honorable mentions: Contenders that didn't make the cut but are still worth mentioning


-Hey Arnold

-AHHH Real Monsters

-Tale Spin

-Johny Bravo

-Dexter's Laboratory

-Spiderman: The animated series

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

-Superman: The animated series


  1. Cartoons of the 90s? I think we all know that DBZ was the best cartoon of the 90s. In fact, it's so good, it's too good to even be on this list.

  2. DBZ was overrated get over it

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