May 31, 2008

The NEW guy

Hello my fellow installation readers!!! This is just a post for me to introduce myself to the readers... I go by many aliases but I'll be using the name B@ttsman for now. The reason for the nicknames you ask? Well the truth is the staff here at installation are all either ninjas or carrot flavored morman zombies...seriously though... we are. Anywho I'll be kind of like the mystical anime catfish guy, I will make sure to give you guys tons of reviews on animes, anime movies I have seen and the ones I am currently watching, along with an occasional manga or two. So until then , I will leave you with this quote of wisdomity. "If you read a book with no pages your probably reading something else."

Oh yeah, here's a good website to see alot of good animes, and the best part is you can load them right on your browser


  1. You forgot your old account info didn't you?

  2. Welcome!

    It's offical

    Dunecat > Bacon > Doegab > Acutual Bat > B@ttsman > Bobble Heads > N-man