March 30, 2008

SSBB Character Analysis: Luigi

Special thanks to N-man for fixing all my Brawl character pictures.

Today's analysis is on the comedy relief character in Brawl: Luigi. Known as being funny and somewhat of a flamer, Luigi is one of the most balanced characters in Brawl which makes him useful against most character types.

-Very good recovery
-Fire punch extremely powerful
-Has projectiles
-Easy to combo with

-Recovery can be unpredictable at times
-Up B can be fatal if used at the wrong time
- Projectiles lack range

Surprisingly for a balance character, Luigi has two incredibly strong non-standard moves. His first one is fire punch which can easily KO even heavy opponents at 40% or more. Luigi's second move is "Luigi missile" which when fully charged is a powerful attack with an useful recovery ability as well. To top it all off Luigi has a projectile and is one of the easiest characters to combo with. Luigi has an advantage over power characters and most balance characters as well.

Even with all these advantage and being a balance character, Luigi has his weaknesses. Against speed characters and character with long reach he will have trouble, so be wary of Marth and Pit. While he does have a good recover, it can be unpredictable and launch Luigi right off the screen. His other recovery which is his up B can be fatal if used at the wrong time or leave him completely useless and open for attack. Luigi is a very "floaty" character which mean he will sort of just float around when he is sent flying making him more susceptible to aerial attacks and combos. Finally Luigi does have a projectile but it is the weakness and lowest range projectile in the game.

Summary: A well balanced funny character who has an array of powerful attacks. Will do well against any type of character but a speed character, especially one with long reach

Counter With: Marth, Pit, Ike, ZSS

Do not use against: Gannondorf, Yoshi, Mario

Final Review

Learning curve: 3- Luigi is a pretty simple character to pick up.

Power: 5.5- Luigi has average standard attack but some pretty strong non standard attacks

Speed: 5- Luigi has average speed

Recovery: 7.5- Luigi has a very good recovery

Throws: 5- Luigi has average throws

Overall: 7.5


  1. Also, his Luigi missile becomes supercharged about 1/8 of the time making it very powerful, but very unpredictable. I have oftentimes killed myself by launching off screen because it supercharged me.

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