March 28, 2008

SSBB Character Analysis: Lucario

Today's review is on one of my personal favorite characters. Where going to be looking at Lucario, one of the new Pokemon from the Diamond and Pearl series. To sum it up Lucario, he is pretty much the definition of a balance character, "the jack of all tricks master of none."

-Fairly strong
-Good recovery
-Has projectiles
-Has a counter move
-Becomes stronger as percent damage increases on him

-Standard moves are sluggish
-Counter hard to pull off
-Extreme speed (recover move) does no damage
-Starts off with weaker attacks since he has no percent damage on him from start of the match.

Lucario is a really interesting characters. His moves are copied from other characters, but each move he has comes from a variety of characters, so he is not just another clone in Brawl *cough*Gannondorf*cough*. Like i said before, Lucario is the prime example of a balance character. e has projectiles, a good recovery, and even a counter move! These three things make him equally balanced in his ranged, recovery, and fighting areas. Another bonus to fighting as Lucario is that the more damage he takes, the more damage and knock back his attacks do. Lucario does really well against most characters, and there are few characters which actually have an advantage over him.

However, even the most balanced of fighters have their weaknesses. Marth can easily upset Lucario with his faster speed and longer reach. Also, fast balance characters with strong smashes like Captain Falcon or Lucas can hassle the legendary Pokemon. What really upsets me about Lucario is that even though he has a counter, it's the hardest counter in the game to which makes it not as seful as Marth's or Ike's counter. Another disappointing aspect of Lucario is that even though his recovery is pretty good, it does no damage at all. Also Lucario players will always start of with a disadvantage at the beginning of a match since their damage output will be lower than most characters (see Lucario's pros & cons for reason).

I extremely balanced fighter whom as he battles becomes stronger instead of weaker. Has very few foes that are strong against him, but those whom are strong against him will make playing him difficult.

Counter with: Ness, Lucas, Captain Falcon, Marth

Do not use against: Pickachu, Kirby, Ike, Bowser

Final Review:

Learning curve: 7- Lucario can be a above average character to master especially with his counter

Power: 7- Lucario has fairly strong smashes

Speed: 4.5- Some say he is average speed but in my opinion Lucario falls just slightly under average speed

Recovery: 5: Would be higher if it actually did damage

Throws: 7- Lucario has some pretty powerful throws

Overall: 8.0


  1. Here's my opinion: 1. Lucario's counter is slow, and it leaves him vulnerable, but it's also extremely powerful. 2. No, his recovery doesn't do any damage but neither does Snake's or Pits, which are the two best recoveries. 3. I still love to compare our opinions. It's so interesting!

  2. correction: leaves him vulnerable if it misses

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  4. I agree that his counter is more powerful, but I think Ike's and Marth's counter are better b/c there faster than his counter therefore they are able to be used more and are more useful. Yea the two characters in the game with the best recovery don't do recovery damage but Lucario doesn't have an amazing recovery, just a slightly above average one and i think it would improve his game greatly if it did damage.