March 30, 2008

SSBB Character Analysis: Falco

Hooray time for more character analysis, I mean i wanna try to get at least a few more in before N-man cuts me off >=(. Well in case you have no idea who the hell the blue bird in the picture is, today we are going to be looking at Falco, one of the three Starfox characters in Brawl. Falco is a prime example of a speed character, he may lack the pure power of characters like Bowser or Donkey Kong, but he doesn't really need it since he can rack up serious damage in a matter for seconds.

-Fast projectiles
-Has a lot of combo options
-Can unbalance foes easily
-Good side smashes for a speed character

-Horrible recovery
-Very easy to edge guard
-Weak aerial game
-Very few "killing"moves besides side smashes

Falco is my second main in Brawl, only behind in preference to Wario. The blue Italian bird is one of the fastest attackers and dashers in the game, making him very hard to land smash attacks on. Falco's fast attacks can rack up immense damage within seconds and his side smashes are surprisingly strong for a speed character. One thing i really like about the space bird is that he has two attacks which can really unbalance his foes (Laser and Phantom dash), and in my opinion being able to unbalance you foes a very useful ability in Brawl. Finally, just like many of the Starfox characters, Falco is very easy to combo with.

Falco has his weaknesses however. To start off he is very light and can be hit of the stage easily. To make matters worse when he does get hit off the stage he has the worst recovery in the game, Fire Falco. Finally, because of his weak recovery Falco also becomes one of the easiest characters to edge guard in the game.

Falco will also struggle with killing other players. Yes he can rack up damage quickly, but he has no real killing moves besides his side smashes, which aren't the easiest to pull off. If you really want a good strategy to kill Falco, keep him in the air since his aerial game is extremely poor.

Falco will struggle a lot against faster characters with good recovery like Pit. He will also suffer against extremely heavy characters with far reach like King DeeDeeDee. In truth King DeeDeeDee is the bane of all the Starfox characters and I will explain why he is when I get into my nest analysis.

Counter with: Pit, King DeeDeeDee, Metaknight

Do not use against: Captain Falcon, Bowser, Marth

Final Review:

Learning Cure: 6- Falco is just above normal difficulty to master

Power: 4.5- Falco's attacks are fast but weak, with the exception of his side smashes

Speed: 9- one of the fastest characters in Brawl

Recovery: 1- Falco and Fox have the worst recoveries in the game

Throws: 4- Falco's throws tend to be on the weak side

Overall: 7.8

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