March 23, 2008

SSBB Character Analysis: Captain Falcon


Time for our next character analysis Captain Falcon! Before I get into the analysis let me start off by talking about how awesome this guy is. First off his name is Captain Falcon, yea there are a lot of captains but they all have their name in their title like "Captain Olimar". Not Captain Falcon, he is so badass he decided to name himself after a bird, seriously a fucking bird! Secondly, look at how jacked he is! Seriously he looks like he is about to break through his suit because of his freakin muscles. His nipples are so jacked in fact he needs gold button nipple stabilizers in order to prevent them from bursting out! Thirdly he has a gun which he never uses because he doesn't even need it, it's just there for looks, what a stud. And last but not least he can blow up the entire galaxy with a falcon punch if he wanted to but he holds back his power just so that he can fight with the other brawl character. Don't believe me? Here is a video with proof!

That's enough praise for him now, maybe I'll say some more later on. The other types of characters in the analysis you have seen so far where either power or speed characters (I don't even know what to call Olimar though he might be balanced, maybe speed, definitely not power, or maybe he is just in his own category). Captain Falcon is neither, he falls into the small percentage of balanced type characters. Why is Capt. Falcon a balanced character? It is because he excels in neither the speed or power areas of fighting but does both of these things well. He is an extremely versatile character that can take on any situation and any character.

-Fairly Fast
-Fairly Heavy
-Second fastest dashing speed
-Strong smashes
-Strong throws
-Above average recovery

-Can be hard to control
-Vulnerable to projectiles
-Will struggle against faster characters
-Falcon Punch, though powerful, to slow to be really be useful
- Not many combo options

Captain Falcon was my main in the original Super Smash Brothers as well as one of my three mains in SSBM. I am i little bit disappointed of how he turned out in Brawl, however I will explain that later for now lets concentrate on his pros.

Captain Falcon is extremely quick, second fastest in dashing speed only behind Sonic. His speed is especially useful to get right in an opponents face and them pummel them with Falcon's fast punches and powerful throws. One big difference in Brawl is that Captain Falcon is a much faster attacker than he was in melee giving him a huge advantage over heavy characters who will find it difficult to KO him because of his speed and above average weight. He also works wonders on very light balance characters like Jigglypuff, Olimar, Toon link. Captain Falcon also has powerful smashes and a good recovery. Combine all these things together and Captain F. becomes one of the most versatile characters in Brawl.

But even balanced characters have their flaws. To start off, Capt. Falcon is hard to control, much harder than Sonic and this is because of his play style. A lot of time I'll roll behind someone only to find that I'm punching them in the wrong direction. The blue nipple thrusting racer also has trouble fighting opponents who use projectiles, especially fast opponents like Fox. The projectiles stall Captain Falcon's dashing and gets rid of any advantage he has over the faster characters. Also his signature move Falcon Punch is powerful but to slow to really use. In order to really use it well you have to get creative with it and find ways to trick your opponents into jumping into it.

One of the reasons why I was upset about Capt Falcon in Brawl was the fact that he is a lot harder to combo with. Raptor boost has no combo options now, Falcon kick is faster but only useful for disrupting fast opponents or hitting edge guarders occasionally. His aerial game is completely gone along with his knee smash, which was nerfed to hell. Yes Captain Falcon did undergo some improvements but he also suffered a lot of nerfs as well. Overall he is still a great character.

Summary: A fast, fairly heavy, versatile character that will do wonders against heavier character but will struggle with faster ones.

Counter with: Starfox team, Sonic, Snake, ZSS

Not recommend to use against: Very light slower characters (Jigglypuff, Captain Olimar), Very heavy characters (King Deedeedee, Donkey Kong, Wario).

Final Review;

Learning Curve: 7- Ever since he got the nerf bat he has been harder to combo with, in melee he was probably a 5 maybe a 6 but now he has moved up.

Power: 7- Very strong for a balance character.

Speed: 9- second fastest dashing speed, but faster attacker than sonic

Recovery: 6- above average recovery

Throws: 7.5- good throws

Overall: 8.5


  1. I'm really not quite sure he has the second fastest dashing speed. I'll have to test it out.

  2. look it up some time =p