January 29, 2008

Smash Feature 3

It's just three days until Brawl is released in Japan. THREE DAYS! Then, all will be revealed. Until then, I've been speculating on what I think (or would like to see) in Brawl. Today, I'll cover levels and possible songs to appear on those levels. Sure there is plenty of great music in video games, but I'm just considering the most epic of them- the ones that would make good battle music.

First of all, I would like to see More representation of Metroid Prime. There are a number of stages that could be incorporated. Personally, I would like to see the following
That's just to name a few.

Next is Metal Gear solid. The new song from MGS4 kicks some major ass. Maybe a stage from MGS4 will be included. I'm not an avid MGS fan, but when I heard this next song, I thought "That is the single greatest theme in all of gaming!" The trick is, it has to be done just like this. That absolutely MUST be included!

Mario Galaxy should definitely get some representation in Brawl in some form or another. I know it would be difficult to include a Galaxy level since the major premise is playing with gravity, and, lets face it, Smash Bros. is not about running around spherical worlds. Maybe though, they could create a level that you could fight beneath. Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a Mario Galaxy themed platform. Just a plain flat platform like Final Destination. The major premise would be that if you were to fall off the ledge, the platform's gravitational pull would pull you back to the underside of the level, where you would fight upside down. Of course, the platform would just pull you back in if you fell off of it. How would you get a KO? You would have to hit your opponent really hard to break the stage's gravitational pull. I think this would be a great idea, but (like Weavel) I think it's something no one would have thought of. As for music, I think the best songs from Galaxy to brawl to are:
I realize that it would be difficult to create a Starfox stage that wasn't on some kind of a spaceship, but I suggest a level from Dinosaur Planet (like I said before, I'd like to see some representation from that game). As long as we're still in space, though I think this song from Starfox Assault would be pretty epic.

I think a level from the original Donkey Kong arcade game would be cool, especially since they've already included the music. They could even have barrels rolling around the platforms. Speaking of old school games, a level from the original Mario Bros. would be cool as well complete with POW blocks and crabs.

*EDIT* I started this post yesterday thinking nothing much significant would happen between then and now. Wrong! This showed up on the Dojo today. It's a list of songs that you start out with for each level. This basically confirms that the levels listed on the Dojo are the levels (for the most part) you will start the game out with. Also, in a Japanese magazine, it was confirmed that the starting roster for the game consists of the 21 characters on the Dojo (minus ZS Samus, Sheik, Sonic, and Snake). More importantly, the following video (the game's intro) confirms a few more characters: MARTH and NESS. Looks like I was right about Marth, but completely off when it came to Ness. I really thought he was out! It also confirms a level from Sonic's GREEN HILL ZONE. Anyway, enjoy! I was going to finish this feature, but it seems that things are slowly starting to leak out now, so there's really no need. Keep it posted to this spot for any further Brawl updates as soon as they come!

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