January 26, 2008

Smash Bros. Feature 2

By new posts last night, I meant new posts this night. Just thought I'd set the record straight. Anyway, in regards to Smash Bros., here's how it's going to go down: the next two weeks will be smash filled. Now through next Thursday (the game's Japanese release) will still be filled with speculation. The following week, however, will reveal everything. From then until the game's North American release, we will be posting strategies and the like to prepare players for when they get the game themselves. And so, today will be another speculation day focusing on possible new characters.


Let's face it, some game franchises in Smash are more represented than others. There are a few games that are represented by just one character. To me, this in unacceptable. Let's start with Metroid, shall we?

First of (and the most obvious choice) is Ridley. If he were to be used in Brawl, he'd probably be seen in his form from Metroid Prime, Omega Ridley. Ridley's basic attacks consist of claw and tail swipes, shooting fireballs, and unleashing a beam of plasma from his mouth. Omega Ridley is considerably more powerful. He can shoot plasma and flame as well as a blast of phazon from his tail, homing fireballs, a shockwave attack, a dash attack (Fox style) and he can bite. His final smash would be his Meson Bomb Launcher which would fill the arena with a rain of bombs. All of these can be incorporated into his move set. Since Ridley has wings, could also be given the ability of limited flight by tapping the jump button multiple times (like Kirby or Pit). He can also make use of Brawl's new glide ability. Overall, I think Ridley is no-brainer. He's a highly demanded character that I firmly believe will be included in the game. As for other Metroid characters, the first that comes to everyone's mind is Dark Samus. She'd probably just end up being a clone character. I have a different suggestion: why not include another bounty hunter from Metroid Prime: Hunters? My suggestion is Weavel, my personal favorite bounty hunter from that game. I picked him for a number of reasons. For one, he is a Space Pirate general that, unlike the other bounty hunters, has a previous history with Samus. On a battle on Brinstar, Samus wounded Weavel to the point where only his brain and spinal cord could be salvaged. The Space Pirates infused what remained of Weavel into a cybernetic body. Weavle's body has a built-in energy sword built into his right arm. His other weapon is the Battlehammer which lobs green balls of energy at opponents in addition to being a hand-held mortar. Weavel has the unique ability to split his torso from his upper body. The bottom half acts as a stationary turret armed with the Battlehammer, while the top half is player controlled and uses the energy sword. I think Weavel would be an awesome character to include, but I also think he's a character that not many would think of. Therefore, I believe his chances are low. Heres to hoping!

Another series that could use more representation at the moment is F-Zero, which, currently, only consists of Samurai Goroh as an assist trophy. Captain Falcon is a given, but who else could they include? Well, everybody's first guess was Samurai Goroh. So much for that. Besides him, Black Shadow seems like the most likely candidate. The only problem is that he has no moveset to work off of and complete set of attacks would have to be created. But, hey, they did it with Captain Falcon didn't they? I'd say he turned out alright.

Next, we'll take a look at the Starfox series. If Falco doesn't return with new attacks, the next most likely candidates are Krystal and Wolf. Wolf would be tough, though. It would be hard to create a set of attacks that doesn't mimic Fox (the reason I think Falco is out if they can't come up with something creative). As far as Krystal goes, maybe they could give her Fox's staff from Dinosaur Planet. I would actually like to see that game be acknowledged in some way. Of the two, I think Krystal has the better chance. The game needs more women fighters and Starfox characters and Krystal fills the part. It would be cool to see Wolf included in some way, perhaps as a boss in the single player mode.

If Ness does not return, that means Lucas will remain the sole representative for the Mother (Earthbound) series. Of course, Ness was the lone warrior the past two games, but I still believe there needs to be more Earthboud. So, who could they include? Well if they're into newest installment, Mother 3, then how about The Masked Man? The Masked Man is a villain from Mother 3. He has an energy sword in one hand and an arm-mounted blaster in the other. This would make him ideal for both close and long range combat. Not only that, but he also has PSI psychic powers like Ness and Lucas. His armor also has a pair of mechanical wings that, like Ridley, could take advantage of Brawl's flight and glide mechanics. No doubt The Masked Man would make one hell of a playable character (perhaps, being just a tad too strong). Will he be included? Probably not. But perhaps, as before, he'll appear as a boss character.

Finally, there's Fire Emblem. At this point, I would proceed to discuss possible Fire Emblem characters but I don't know anything about Fire Emblem. Also, there are just to many characters from the series that it's hard to pick one so.... I won't. Maybe I'll do my homework and update about FE characters later.

Stay tuned for the next update where I'll talk about levels and music!


  1. I want game and watch to be back =p

  2. That's not the point of the thing.

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