January 14, 2008

Mini Preview- Sonic Chronicles

For those of you who don't know, there is a Sonic RPG in the works for the DS. That's right, an RPG. Not only are they making a Sonic RPG, but it's being developed by acclaimed RPG developer BioWare. Yep, the people who brought you Jade Empire and Mass Effect are developing a Sonic the Hedgehog role playing game. If anyone can revive the Sonic franchise it's BioWare.

The full title is Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Eggman is not the main villain this time around. Instead, that honor goes to a mysterious group called The Marauders. Apparently, they've stolen the Chaos Emeralds and kidnapped Knuckles. Though not the main villan, Robotnik will be making an appearance.

The main action will take place on the lower screen and will, apparently, be touch controlled (probably Phantom Hourglass style). When outside, the top screen will display a map. The action is turn-based but battles are not random. Special attacks can be triggered via a touch screen minigame. After leveling up, you may increase your attributes and skills or buy special abilities. Characters also have their own specific abilities. For example, Tails can fly for a short period of time. Like all RPGs, there will be side quests and currency to purchase items (in this case, rings). The dialog should remain fairly simple because this is a handheld game (don't expect the depth and complexity of Mass Effect). The game's worlds will be split between the classic Sonic world (with remixed tunes) and a much darker world later on in the game. Cut-scenes will be fully animated and, as you can tell from these in-game shots, the art style will be highly stylized. There should be about 11 characters in all (you can have four in your party at a time) including: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Shadow, and Big the Cat.

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