January 26, 2008

Philosophical grass

A blade of grass. It's quite simple really, until you look at it closely. What is grass made up of? Grass at the simplest level like everything else is made up of atoms.

No one really knows what atoms look like but we assume they look like the picture above.

Granted if the picture above is true, if that's what atoms really look like, atoms look a lot like something but on a much larger scale.

The other picture that you see is a galaxy, if you compare the two pictures you can clearly see that atoms and galaxies look very similar in shape, and act in a very similar nature.

Some might be so bold to say that every atom is a galaxy on a small scale.

Kinda interesting don't you think? But here is the even more interesting part. Lets go back to that blade of grass for a second, if every atom is a galaxy, that blade of grass could be it's own universe! Imagine you can have hundreds of universes right in you own back yard that you would never even know about, each with it's own civilization, beings, ect.

Don't get freaked out now, when you cut your grass you aren't killing an entire universe, it takes a lot more than that to destroy atoms.

But then there's also the atomic bomb.

When an atomic bomb goes of the explosion is caused by literally splitting and destroying and atom. So theoretically you could be causing a mass genocide of trillions of lifeforms and not even know about it.

Kinda creepy eh?

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