December 21, 2007

What happened to Shups and Croids!?

Just in time for Christmas: it's Installation 04! Shups and Croids is gone. Forever. It has been merged with Gameweb to create the new Installation 04 (get the reference?). For those of you keeping track, this is now the third incarnation of this site. So the legacy of Shups and Croids is not lost (As was the legacy of Total Randomity. Don't remember it? I thought not.), I will now explain what the hell a shup and a croid are.

Shup: A type of field mouse located in the remote ice deserts of New Guinna. Don't think New Guinna has ice deserts? Look again, I'm right. Anyway, shups are known for there keen sense of touch. Yes, touch. They can feel a grain of ice-sand a mile away. Actually, that sounds really bothersome. Regardless, shups are a very rare species to behold. They have two inch long teeth, round scaly tales, and 16 strands of hair to keep them cool in the warm icy heat. If you're ever lucky enough to encounter one, you'll be blessed with finding 161 defective pennies which could either turn out to be completely worthless or worth a fortune. Shups are also quite tasty when popped like popcorn. They're a delicacy in Kenya.

Croid: Croid is a type of bagel spread first developed in France in 1886. It is made by mashing up polar bears into a fine paste. Then, strawberries are added to the mix followed by a shot of brandy. Fine French croid can be bought in a 5 oz container and costs $483 in American money (that's about $2.99 in France). Though most Americans find it strangely delicious, it is not sold in this country for two reasons: it's illegal to make food from polar bears, and it just costs too much to import. You may not think strawberry-polar bear sounds too tasty, but it's actually delicious. Unfortunately, you'll have to travel to France and pay $483 to get some.

So that's what shups and croids are... just in case you ever wondered. Anyway, please enjoy the new Installation 04!

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