December 24, 2007

The List: The Six Greatest Softdrindks

6. Peach Soda- It's peach soda. What else is there to say? Never seen it before? That's because it's a rare species of soda. It's on the list because it's so damn hard to track down!

5. Root Beer/ Cream Soda- Who doesn't love the taste of root beer or cream soda? Instant classics.

4. Mr. Pibb- It's Dr. Pepper with a cooler name and catchphrase. Put it in your head!

3. Mountain Dew Code Red- It's abnormally red, but so very delicious! A true cherry soda.

2. Vault- It most certainly does not kick like an energy drink, but it doesn't taste like one either. It's like good sprite.

1. Ginger Ale- Nothing beats good old ginger ale! The drink of kings!

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