December 27, 2007

Geometry Wars Galaxies: A Review

Math has never been so much fun.

Math is hard. Geometry wars is hard. The similarities end there. Galaxies uses the tried and true formula that Evolved established and takes it to the next level. Retro Evolved was a helluva fun game when it came out. It only had one level, but that was enough. Galaxies has over 60- each unique in its own way. They vary by shape, what enemies appear, and even the number of lives you have. Some levels are easy, some levels are hard, all are infinitely fun.

Retro Evolved contained about 6 enemies or so. Galaxies more than doubles that. There are a ton of new baddies to go up against. Some are giant versions that break into smaller enemies, some spawn hundreds of little enemies at once, others will just quickly fly by and try to avoid you; nail these and you'll get big points. The points system is actually very different in this game. You can easily rack your multiplier up to over 100. To make up for this, the high scores that win you metals are much, much, higher. In Evolved, you struggled to achieve a million points; now you'll have to shoot for 10 million.

Destroying those hundreds of on-screen enemies gives you geoms. Each enemy drops a different number of geoms you can collect and use to unlock new planets or upgrade your drone. The drone is a new addition to the Geometry Wars universe. It is a small craft that flies around with you and helps you in combat. The drone can be upgraded to preform a variety of tasks including attacking, defending, and collecting geoms, among other things. Drones gain experience the more you use them, and each drone function can be leveled up making it more powerful.

The game controls like a charm with the classic controller. It does not, however, control like a charm with the waggle wand. There is an on-screen laser that points where your fire will shoot. When you change the direction of your fire, there is quite a delay. This can lead to certain death in tight situations. Plus, you have to hold down the 'a' button to fire. Stick to the classic controller here and you'll have a gay old time (Flintstones style).

Finally, who can forget the music? The music is wonderful! Just as catchy as ever. Now, though, there is a variety of different songs that play on the various levels instead of the same old tune. All the songs are great, however. Unfortunately, the song from Evolved did not make it into Galaxies. Not to worry, though, because Galaxies includes a full version of Evolved for your pleasure! The sound quality itself is crap. The visuals are fine, but the sound is crap. It sounds like it's playing through the remote's speaker. Absolutely unacceptable. Other than, that minor hiccup, the game is just great! It always runs silky smooth and plays great. There is also versus and co-op multiplayer in addition to online leaderboards. You can even connect the Wii and DS versions to unlock extra content!

This is probably the best game this year that no one played. I guarantee that only fans of the original and its sequel picked this up. Reconsider. It's great fun that'll last forever (literally), and at $40 how could you go wrong? Galaxies is money well spent.

Visuals: 9 (simple, yet amazing) *EDIT* Changed it to 9. Not quite as sharp as on XBL Arcade.
Gameplay: 10 (simple, yet amazing)
Controls: 9 (great with the classic controller- though it is awkwardly small- crap without)
Sound: 5 (music is great, music quality is total crap)
Replay Value: 10 (I'd give it 11, but that's not possible)
Overall: 9/10

Best game no one played.

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