December 9, 2007

Doosh-Bah and Smearbob: RELOADED

Doosh-Bah was awakened from his slumber when his alarm clock exploded. He sprang into action and immediately began to wash his cat. Smearbob rolled the red carpet for the Emperor of Memporor in the meantime. Suddenly, Agent Tnega burst through the roof of the place and stated: "I'm not wearing pants. Now you must save the world." And so Doosh-Bah and Smearbob were called back into action and went to work.

Harnessing the mighty power of the enchanted snail-gibbons, the two flew all the way to North Brunswick where they encountered the source of the evil that apparently existed. It was Corruption Craig and the No Good Gang. They were blasting all of the chocolate cookies into the Bay of Pigs. Unfortunately, this caused the pigs in the bay to become super-duper-fied. While half the world was exploding, Smearbob took out his giant-blaster-cannon-doom-ray and exploded the stratosphere. This just made things worse. Smearbob duck-taped it back together while Doosh-Bah shouted "Num-muh yoot bhut clussop WACKKOOH!" and self distrusted the xooki factories causing a chain reaction in the septizone and preventing the flow of eviltude. Thus, the land was saved and also very broken.

Doosh-Bah and Smearbob flew back to their home place using the power of Greyskull and then went back to bed. They dreamed of magical, magical magic and whatnot. All was good in the world... or something like that.

Doosh-bah and Smearbob created by The One Known as to be Reckoned with and Doegab. Story by N-man.

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