December 9, 2007

Delightful Holiday Gift Ideas

As you all know, there are only 15 shopping days left until Holiday. Yes, Holiday, the one day of the year we celebrate material possessions by giving each other gifts. Here are some great last minute ideas for anyone on your list! And no, "Bender's Big Score" is not included because it's a given.


Hot Rod
Sure to be a hit with anyone who has any kind of sense of humor, Hot Rod will make a wonderful stocking stuffer! Also available in HD, because who doesn't want to see Andy Samberg's face in high definition!

Ask a Ninja DVD
Why download the podcast for free when you could buy it on disk for $20? Plus, it's a DVD. Everyone knows DVDs are better then downloaded content right?

The Original Christmas Classics
Everyone loves to watch those original Christmas specials from the 1960s made with figurines and stop motion animation on TV, so why not physically own them?

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player
On a serious note, why not pick up the HD DVD player for the 360? It's now only $129, comes packaged with King Kong, and you can mail in for another five free movies! Now that a deal!


Gorillaz D-Sides
Gorillaz has a new album!? I know, that was my reaction too. Be sure to pick up this collection of "Demon Days" rejects! And while you're at it, why not spring for the deluxe version, it's only $5 more.

Halo 3 Soundtrack
It's music. From Halo 3. Nuff said.

Other Stuffs

McFarlane's Twisted X-Mas Figures
Nothing says Christmas like Spawn! These delightful figures designed by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Well, maybe not. But they are pretty sweet! (Reindeer Rudy pictured at right)

Zelda Replicas
Why not give a Zelda fan the ultimate gift: a replica Master Sword and Hyrulian Shield. Available at As a bonus, why not throw in an Ocarina of Time? You can pick one up at

Well, that's it for today. Stay tuned for more last minute gift ideas all the way up to Holiday!

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