July 19, 2007

The Else: The Review

The Else is the 12th compact disk from They Might be Giants. Apparently, they're still not giants, and we may never know if they ever will be. It's a magical journey for you're ears to behold. Also, it's better than TMBG's 11th compact disk, The Spine. It seems to be a somewhat of a return to form for the two Johns that might be giants. I felt, with The Spine, that it was too musical (if you know what I mean). It was popy and good but bad at the same time. The Else, however, is more of what you've come to love from TMGB, but it is also kind of a mix of the classic sound and the new sound. It's a super-sensation of musical bliss and confusion!

I was also surprised to find that it came with a bonus disk 'Cast Your Pod to the Wind', which includes another 23 songs, most of which are crap. But hey, who doesn't love free stuff!

In conclusion, buy this CD if you love TMBG. The songs are fun and better than last time around. Plus, you get 23 extra minute-long crappy songs for free!

Good tracks: I'm Impressed, Take out the Trash, Climbing the Walls, The Cap'm, Bee of the Bird of the Moth, The Mesopotamians

Bad tracks: Careful What You Pack, With the Dark, Contrecoup

The rest: Upside Down Frown, The Shadow Government, and Feign Amnesia are just ok.

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