December 22, 2006

Gears of War reviewed

Gears of War
Xbox 360
Review by RaiderBear

Halo 3 has a lot of ground to cover if it even hopes to hold a candle to the incredibleness that is Gears of War!!! This game sets a new bar for third and first person shooters everywhere, and is so amazing I don’t know where to begin. So, I’ll start with the back-story all of you probably know by now: Gears of Wars takes-place in the some-time future, after Emergence Day, or the day when the Locust Horde attacked every major city on Sera (hard to believe, but makes for an interesting plot, unlike Halo 2). The Gears (Earthlings) engage in intense battles against the Locust Horde and are getting their a$$es kicked left and right. You play as Marcus Fenix, who was in jail for not following orders (I won’t reveal much more past that). The game starts off that Dom, one of your army buddies, busts you out of jail…but then again everyone is dead so it’s not must of a “bust”. The game immediately puts you into the action, and starts off with small enemies than grows massive until you have to hold off tons of Locusts, from Wretches (you will learn to absolutely hate these guys, especially the exploding ones) to Boomers (big-stupid Bazooka Locusts).

Great Single-Player: the single player campaign is awesome. The game perfectly designs a duck, over, and run third-person shooters with an in-your-face adrenaline-pumping total machine-gun warfare! Complete with senseless violence and gore galore!!! While weapons are limited, the game play is incredibly. The replay value is also high since you unlock more things by completing it in hard (which is code-named Insane). The game is complete with incredible game-play, interesting story-line, stunning graphics, and a villain that you fell like beating the living hell out of. At times, however, especially as you progress, the game seems impossible and the enemies seem endless – but this is the joy of the game – don’t give up and keep trying and when you beat one of those difficult parts, you fell pride and accomplishment!

Look-out Bungie: As we all know, Halo 2 was a big disappoint despite high-sales, and the mod for online play ruined it. Gears of War sets a new bar for shooters with its long hours of gameplay, endless xbox-live multiplayer (which could be better but isn’t bad), innovative game-play system, and everything else. This game meets and surpasses all the hype, and is a must-buy for 360 owners everywhere. And if you don’t own one, save up money and buy a 360 with Gears of War!

Graphics: 10
Single-Player: 10
Replay: 9
Story: 8/9
Online play: 7/8
Controls: 10

+ Graphics
+ Senseless violence and gore
+ Chainsaw!!!!!!!
+ Game-play
+ Endless hordes of enemies
+ Baird’s smart-a$$ jokes
+ Replay-value
- Way too little weapons
- At times game seems impossible

Overall rating: 10/10

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