August 1, 2006

DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 roster

Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is the sequel to last year's Budokai Tenkaichi and biggest Dragonball game ever made. It is expected to have over 130 playable characters. Here is the current comfirmed character roster (with transformations included) :

Goku (Base~, Kaioken~, SS1~, SS2~, SS3~, SS4~)
SS4 Goku (~)
Kid Goku (
Dragon Ball) (~)
Kid Gohan (~)
Teen Gohan (Base~, SS1~, SS2~)
Adult Gohan (Base~, SS1, SS2)
Mystic Gohan (~)
Great Saiyaman (~)
Great Ape
Piccolo (~)
Krillin (~)
Yamcha (~)
Tien (~)
Chiaotzu (~)
Vegeta (Saiyan Saga) (Base~, Great Ape~)
Vegeta (Cell Saga) (Base~, SS1~, Super Vegeta~)
Vegeta (Buu Saga) (Base~, SS1~, SS2~)
Majin Vegeta (~)
SSJ4 Vegeta (~)
Trunks (Base~, SS1)
Son Goten (Base~, SS1)
Future Trunks (Base~, SS1, Super Trunks~)
Future Trunks with Sword (Base~, SS1~)
Gotenks (Base~, SS1~, SS3~)
Vegetto (Base, SS1)
Gogeta (SS1~)
Gogeta (SS4~)
Hercule / Mr Satan (~)
Videl (Base~, Great Saiyawoman~)
Raditz (Base~, Great Ape~)
Saibamen (~)
Nappa (Base~, Great Ape~)
Dodoria (~)
Zarbon (Base~, Post-transformation)
Burter (~)
Captain Ginyu
Frieza (Base~, Form 2~, Form 3~, Final Form~, 100% Full Power~)
Mecha-Frieza (~)
Android 16
Android 17 (~)
Android 18 (~)
Android 19 (~)
Android 20 / Dr Gero (~)
Cell (Base, Form 2, Perfect Form~, Super Perfect Form)
Cell Junior
Dabura (~)
Fat Majin Buu (~)
Evil Majin Buu (~)
Super Buu (Base~, Gotenks~, Gohan~)
Kid Buu (~)
Bardock (Base~, Great Ape~)
Cooler (Base~, Post-transformation)
Broly (Base~, Mind Controlled SS1~, Legendary Super Saiyan~)
Bojack (Base~, Post-transformation~)
Super 17
Baby-Vegeta (Base~, Super Form 1~, Super Form 2, Great Ape~)
Janemba (Base~, Post-transformation~)
Master Roshi (Base~, Muscular Form~)
General Tao
Android 13 (Base~, Super~)
Lord Slug (Base~, Large~)
Turles (Base~, Great Ape~)
Tapion with sword (~)
Hildegarn (Transformed~)
Metal-Cooler (~)
Pikkon (~)
Garlic Jr. (Base ~, Transformed~)
Sauza (~)
Zangya (~)
Yajirobe (~)
Supreme Kai (Base~, Kibito Kai~)
Cui (~)
Pan GT (~)
Uub GT (Base~, Majuub~)
Syn Shenron (Base~, Omega~)
Grandpa Gohan (~)

This time, taking after the first three Budokai games, you can transform in-game, or start out transformed. Also, expect an improved combat system.

If you just can't wait for the game's release this fall, check out Super DBZ in the meantime. Super DBZ was developed by the creator of Street Fighter 2.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the character listing.


  1. I can't wait either! I hope they go back to the second games fighting system, that was the best one in my opinion.

  2. Yeah, me too.