June 26, 2006

Guild Wars

That's right folks the one known as to be reckoned with is back with a review on Guild Wars. Well from the get go I can tell you Guild Wars is a good game but when we get down to the nitty gritty it depends. First of there are 5 classes to choose from Warrior, Monk, Elementalist (wizard), Necromancer (evil dude that controls evil stuff), Ranger, Mesmer ( weird spin off of elementalist but looks Irish and wears masks). Now you may be saying that only 5 classes are to little for a MMO, well your right but that's were they through in the second class in which you can choose another of the classes to be a sub class for your character for exp. Warrior monk (Paladin), Monk Necro. These are only a few of the combos that you can come up with and the amount of skills you can learn are just flabbergasting. The one thing that I got a little upset with in this game and many other MMO's out there is the customization of making your character look unique ( props to Oblivion for doing it right) I was quite annoyed when I saw a guy that looked similar to my warrior ranger. All in all this is a good MMORPG for you MMO fans if your not I suggest a game like Ragnorok online which is like a MMORPG for people who are not really interested in MMORPG's. But if you like a good MMO and staying up till late trying to get money to buy armor guild wars is the game for you.

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