April 1, 2006

First Halo 3 images!

Following yesterday's story about the Halo 3 release date, Bungie released today the first concept art for Halo 3! There's a lot to be learned from these pictures. First, the game will take place on multiple Halo rings. Second, for the first time, you'll be able to interract with the native creatures of the ring worlds. Third, in one of the pictures a library can be seen. Finally, you'll notice the vasat variety of enviornments you'll encounter. Ther's a desert level, an ice level guarded by giant walking sentinals, a valley, two canyons, and what appears to be a city in the clouds. It can also be seen that the game might take place on other planets as well, because a halo ring can be seen orbiting what looks to be a planet besides Earth. If these pictures are any indication, we're in for one hell of a game!


  1. thats really cool and all 2 bad more than half of those stuff wont show up in the real game sorry to bring u folks down from cloud 9

  2. Hye this looks awsome I'm really excited for the next game

    I'm also glad to see that reckon is finally back :D

  3. Too lazy to post this before and too lazy to post this now. April fools a month and a half late. Notice the date it was posted: April 1st. It's fake. Get over it. First real footage on Tuesday.