March 17, 2006

Finally! An update!

It's been a while. Too long if you ask me. Anyway, here's some (rather old) Xbox 360 game reviews by Raider Bear. They may be old, but who cares no one has a 360 anyway. Maybe these will help when we all finally get one.

Kameo: Elements of Power
Graphics: 10
Controls: 7
Kameo is an excellent game for the Xbox 360. It provides a new sort of game genre which merges past games like the Fable environment, crazy cool character drawings like in Oddworld Series, mythological beings like Lord of the Rings, and great game play. This is an awesome game and as I previously mentioned great gameplay. The only downside are the controls. All your actions revolve around Y, B, X to switch warriors and Rb and Lb to attack. Besides the ify controls this is a must own for Xbox 360.


Graphics: 6
Controls: 10
Like Red Dead Revolver, excellent western shooter. The game should have been called Red Dead Revolver 2 because it is exactly like it. If you like Red Dead Revolver this game is a must buy, if you didn't avoid. This game depends on the person, I personally love it.

Final Verdict: 8

King Kong:
Graphics: SUPER 10 INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!
Controls: 9
WOW! First game I played for Xbox 360 and might be one of the best. I don't know how people hate this game, it is awesome. As Jack it is one of the best shooters I have ever played, and as Kong the game is just incredible. Easy controls, incredibly stunning graphics, my personal favorite.

Final Verdict: 10

Call of Duty 2
Graphics: 9
Controls: 10
Excellent war game, best I have ever played. I love war games and this one is awesome. Really easy controls, really brings the terror of war to life. Must have for Xbox 360.

Finaverdictct: 10

Perfect Dark: Dark Zero
Graphics: 8
Controls: 5
Rip Off! I do't like this game one bit, but it is still a decent shooter (lol, it plain sucks). Just like the failure of the 3rd person James Bond game this game failed. It was disappointing. It takes like fifty shots to the head to kill one guard, and like 1000 body shots to kill another guard. The controls are bad, and story makes no sense. The multiplayer is its saving grace (fooled yah, that sucks too). Save your money and wait on this game, or I'll give it to you as a present.:

Final Verdict: 5

Dead or Alive 4
One word...WOW!!!!

Graphics: 10
Controls: 10
Woah. Best fighting games ever. I love it and I normally hate fighting games. Another Most have for Xbox 360.

Final Verdict: 10

While I don't have an Xbox 360, I have played Call of Duty 2's multiplayer and I must say it's incredible!
Thanks again to Raider Bear for the reviews.

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