January 22, 2006

Why do the good ones always die young!?

Why is it that they always pull the good shows off the air before their time? What shows do you ask? Well, pretty much the animated shows that I watch. One of the worst cases I can think of is Samurai Jack. That was one of the best shows I've ever seen. They pulled it off the air in it's fourth season just before they aired the final four episodes. Luckily, Cartoon Network was feeling generous and finally showed the final four in s special block on Toonami. Of course, these episodes did not, in any way, end the series. I mean, the show just got an Emmy; and the next week they cancel it! And so, we'll never know If Jack gets to the past to defeat Aku. My only wish is that they produce a direct-to-DVD conclusion. Not long, just 60-90 minutes. That would make me eternally happy, and the series could rest in peace.

Another I can think of is Megas XLR, one of the funniest shows ever. Now, I don't know if this show was cancelled or just pulled of for a really, really, long time. Whatever the case, it's not being aired and I want to know what happens. Will the Glorft ever be defeated? Will Megas ever be brought back to the future? We may never know.

Teen Titans recently ended when the last episode aired Monday the 16th. While it was kind of a concluding episode, it still sucked. In fact, it raised more questions than it answered. Sure Terra is back, but how did she get there and why doesn't she remember (or want to remember) her past? What's up with Red X? Who is he? And who the hell is Slade!!?? They never answered that question. If you ask me, they ended the series too soon. They need to answer the remaining questions before this one can be put to rest.

Here's another show: Invader Zim. Why cancel Invader Zim? Everybody loved that show! Even though we'll never find out if Zim takes over the world, we can reasonably guess he never did because, well, he's an idiot. Still, it was an incredibly popular show. I think it would have lasted better on another network.

Let's all take a moment to mourn this next one. Fururama was one of the greats. In my opinion, it was much better than its older brother The Simpsons. I know I'm not the only one that thinks this way. It may not have any particular way to end, but this show still deserves to be picked back up because it was awesome. I'd love if it were picked up by Adult Swim with new episodes on Sunday nights.

Even though Family Guy was brought back after it was cancelled, it still makes me mad. Fox cancels the show then says "Oops! Those DVD sales are through the roof and so are the ratings of the reruns! We'd better get it back before someone else does." If I were Seth McFarland, I would have declined and gone to Cartoon Network. I'd be mad as hell for its cancellation in the first place. I'm sure it would have been picked up on Adult Swim. Then we could enjoy some new Futurama and Family Guy every Sunday night on CN. That would have said "In your face Fox!"

speaking being pulled off early, I hate it when they pull off a good anime right in the middle when you know it's not done. What ever happened to Ruronni Kenshin? That was a good show. What ever happened to Yu Yu hacksaws? It got right to the final battle, then they pulled it off and it never returned. And what ever happend to Justice League Unlimited and Dave the Barbarian? That's something that really steams my broccoli! I really got to stop watching so many animated shows...

Oh, and why are shows like Stacked still on the air when such good shows get pulled off?

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