April 21, 2005

Zelda- info and screens

New info on the new Zelda was released in a Spanish magazine today. Translated it says:

-At the game's start, Link is 16 years old. As time goes on, Link will grow older in the game.
-The village shots you see where Link is dressed differently are from the game's first village, called Toaru Village. It's kind of like how Kokiri Forest was the initial starting village in Ocarina of Time.
-The pictures that we've seen of Link fighting enemies while on his horse have been shown for a reason - horse combat plays a big role in the new Zelda.
-The game's controls are similar to OoT and Wind Waker
- Z-targeting is back, using the L trigger on the GameCube. Jumping will once again be automatic.
-The game is reportedly 2 to 3 times bigger/longer than Ocarina of Time! According to the magazine, up to 70 hours of gameplay is possible.
-According to Eiji Aonuma, "Making the water trasparent in this new Zelda as opossed to Wind Waker will allow us to give a realistic and more beautiful feel to the game and also open the game to a new subaquactic world."
-Aonuma also said that went for a more Shonen Manga style as opposed to a Square Enix CG-type look.
-And last but not least, cuccos are back.

To see the new screens, go to Gamecube Cafe and scroll down a bit.

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