April 23, 2005

Xbox 360- What will it really be like?

Why does the Xbox 360 only have one controller slot? It doesn't. It's now believed the black port on the console's left side is receiver for a DVD remote. The (wireless) controller ports/receivers are located under the flip-up oval cover on the left side of the system. That sure does explain a lot!

With all the recent rumors and pictures your head may be spinning right about now. I'm here to set you straight. I'll present the facts and what is currently known about the Xbox 360.

Following yesterday's picture of the finished console (http://gamesradar.msn.co.uk/media/gamesradar/xbox360234_11.jpg), came another: http://gamesradar.msn.co.uk/media/gamesradar/xbox360234_2.jpg. This picture confirms one of the rumors: a removable hard drive. Apparently, the new console will have three options for saving game data: memory cards, a removable hard drive, and saving your data on your computer via a LAN network.
The new Xbox has also been shown in white and silver. So which is it? Both. The outer shell will be removable, allowing you to replace it with a wide variety of colors and designs.
Although the second image conflicts with this one: http://media.teamxbox.com/dailyposts/xbox360/rumor/xbox360.jpg, my guess is that this picture is the Xbox 360 without the hard drive. Long ago, there were rumors of three versions of the system. One with out a hard drive and no backwards compatibility, one with a hard drive and backwards compatibility, and one like the second but with a built-in PC. That may be true, as other old rumors have been shown to be (such as extra shoulder buttons on the controller). Or, maybe the hard drive is just always removable. In any case, this console is going to rock!
Also, there is the fact that to get the system out by this fall, they would have to use regular DVD disks rather than HD-DVDs. This would mean no next-gen disk format! I just hope everything will work out okay with that, and that's not the systems downfall. One may also ask "Where are all the controller ports?". That is a question I cannot answer, though I hope they go with more than one!

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  1. Looks like we will just have to wait till E3 to see what it really looks liek, and thank God they might have a removable Hard Drive instead of memory cards. I still can't believe only 1 controller though.