February 5, 2005

It's finally happening!

Halo the movie! Here is what IGN has to say:

"In an unorthodox move that's sure to raise some industry eyebrows, Microsoft (developer Bungie's corporate overlord) has hired screenwriter Alex Garland (28 Days Later, The Beach) to adapt its hit videogame series Halo for the big screen.

Variety reports that Garland signed a million-dollar deal with the tech giant. Garland's finished screenplay will reportedly be offered to studios as a complete "turnkey" script and rights package.

The trade adds that Microsoft isn't expected to be involved beyond the script development stage

Hollywood took notice of the property when the recently released
Halo 2 smashed sales records."

Lets hope it comes out soon!


  1. I think they should use the Rock as the Master Chief and dub his voice with the guy from the game.

  2. I doubt it matters who plays the Cheif, as long as the guy fits in the suit!